© 2019 by Canada Moto Rallies

Please read carefully, you are waiving certain legal rights.

I, (“Rally Participant”), understand that the Doubleheader Adventure Challenge (hereafter referred to as “the Rally”) is an event that includes an Endurance Ride covering a significant distance.


I acknowledge responsibility for my own safety and travel to the rally, during the rally itself and upon traveling home from the rally. I acknowledge that motorcycling under adverse road, light, weather, rider and traffic conditions is inherently dangerous and could result in injury or death.


I hereby accept these and any risks which I may incur or which I may cause to another as a condition of participation in the Rally. I and or my estate agree to waive any and all claims to indemnify and hold harmless the Rally (owned by Canada Moto Rallies), Rally Staff and Volunteers, for any and all injuries to myself, and any and all claims and causes of action, without limiting the generality of the foregoing said claims are to include those for material and property damages, arising in connection with or related to my participation in the Rally.


I will save and indemnify the Rally or its agents, as a result of any claims, losses, actions, demands, lawsuits, judgements, (including but not limited to attorney fees), against any and all claims and causes of action by them or a third party related to my participation in the Rally.


Furthermore, in entering the Rally, I acknowledge and agree to the following:


1) That long-distance motorcycle touring is a dangerous activity and should not be undertaken except by competent, experienced individuals;


2) That I will almost certainly be subjecting myself during the course of this event to hazards above and beyond those faced by the average ordinary motorcyclist;


3) That I will face dangers on this event beyond the control of the rally master, his agents, servants, and/or assignees;


4) By signing up for and participating in this event I am representing to the organizers and its volunteers that I possess sufficient skill, training, experience, and health to engage in this event. That I shall wear any required and suggested protective equipment while operating my motor vehicle, and that I am of legal age and have proven to be fully licensed and insured to operate a motorcycle in Canada;


5) That in no way will I hold the Rally organizers or its volunteers responsible for my motorcycle or any modifications, alterations or faulty equipment fashioned to it;


6) That I am solely responsible for my own conduct during the course of the Rally and agree to act in accordance with all the terms and conditions herein and will abide by any and all laws or by-laws in place in the jurisdiction through which I will be traveling at any time;


7) I further agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Rally, its organizers, sponsors, volunteers, agents and participants from all claims asserted against them by third parties arising out of my conduct during the Rally;


8) That I agree to this acknowledgment as my own act and of my own free will, and I fully understand and appreciate the nature, risks, and hazards to myself and others of endurance motorcycle riding in general and this event in particular;


9) That this agreement is drawn up in English at the request of the parties. Les parties aux presentes on expressement convenues que ce contrat soit redige en anglais;


10) That this release shall be governed and interpreted under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.


11) That I give full authorization and permission to any photographs and video that I submit to the Rally organizers as part of the Rally (to be used by them for any purpose that they would require), unless used for other media purposes and agreed to with the Rally organizers;

12) That I am responsible for securing my motorcycle and any and all other personal property during the Rally and will be responsible for any damage caused to my motorcycle and any and all other personal property or any damage to a third party.